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Chapter 2 Inbound.

Chapter 1

Citizens.Y2123 is a collection of 500 unique digital collectibles that represent citizen scientists around the world.

These collectibles will unlock benefits for holders in Chapter 2.

You can view and buy these collectibles on OpenSea.

Image by Nathan Anderson


Keith and Shankar are two ex-colleagues turned friends who believe that the convergence of blockchain, DeFi and gaming will be able to unlock massive opportunities in raising awareness and support for environmental conservation and societal uplifting projects.


They also worked together at Grab, the leading super app in Southeast Asia, where they delivered on highly complex products that serves millions of users daily.

Keith Teo Profile Pic Headshot.jpeg

Keith, Project Lead

Keith has played leading roles in the tech field for over 8 years, first as a founder in a startup (acquired), and more recently as a Senior Product Manager in Grab. He is also a passionate climate action advocate and scuba dives regularly in his free time. 

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WhatsApp Image 2021-10-26 at 10.09.53 AM.jpeg

Shankar, Tech Lead

Shankar has been in the tech field for over 15 years and is a Y Combinator startup school alumni. He works at Grab as a Lead Engineer. Utilizing his wealth of experience, he will be developing our NFT utilities and growing our ecosystem in the metaverse.

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Rudi, Design Lead

Rudi is a talented up-and-coming designer, whose works are regularly featured in local Instagram groups and communities. In his free time, he is an avid gamer in one of the top guilds in SEA. 

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Adam PFP.jpg

Adam, Community Mod

Adam handles all things Discord by day and turns avid gamer by night. He plays good bot bad bot and makes sure that our community is safe from hacks. 


DF, Community Lead

DF is an experienced Project Manager with experience across various industries ranging from Real Estate, F&B and Retail. 

Sigit PFP.jpg

Sigit, 3D Designer

Sigit is a talented environment designer who has designed for multiple leading national brands in Indonesia. 

Mei Lin PFP_edited.jpg

Dr Neo, Conservation

Dr Neo is a Marine Biologist and the project's conservation advisor. She's currently a Senior Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore. She's also a Pew Fellow, TEDx Speaker and have been featured on VICE News for her work.

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Lagunast,eth, Project

Lagunast.eth is our project advisor. In his day job, he's a CEO at a leading Fintech company in Vietnam. He's also an avid NFT investor and collector.

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Layer C is a development agency that's driving the adoption of blockchain through consumer-focused products and experiences.

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